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Achtung Panzer No. 3

449922621X, Dai Nippon Kaiga, 1993, Abbreviated as AP3 (OOP)

This book is among the most used books in my library...and I can't read even the smallest bit of Japanese!

The Achtung Panzer! series is known for its documentation of the external details that distinguish one Ausf. from another. This is due to the excellent line art and passable English captions that are designed specifically for this purpose. No. 3 of this series is no exception. And many not-commonly-seen photographs are included which serve to back up much of the material covered by the drawings.

As if this were not enough, there are several sets of photographs showing the insides of museum showpieces, including the Ausf. G at Munster, Ausf. H at Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung, and Ausf J at Saumur. All readily accessible areas are photographed with the notable exception of the engine compartments.

In addition to the English captions, there is a one-page section, also in English, that appears on the inside of the front cover. This section gives a good overview of the Panzer IV's history.

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Tips on how to acquire Achtung Panzer No. 3