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Bibliography and Recommended Reading

This section includes information on the sources used in putting together this web site. It goes beyond that of the traditional bibliography, however, in that it also includes CD-ROMs, indexes of illustrations, and links to other web sites.

For more information about a particular listing, just click on the thumbnail. In the case of books and CD-ROMs the additional information includes a brief review, a partial list of the illustrations, and a link to help you find and purchase a copy. Listings of web sites are similar but, naturally, include a link to the site. In the case of illustrations, you get a list of the publications in which the illustration appears.

TIP: To search for illustrations that feature a certain subject matter, use your browser's Search or Find capability to locate entries by key word. If you use Microsoft's Internet Explorer, or Netscape's Navigator, press Ctrl+F. You can use the same technique to locate a book by its author or a web site by its webmaster.