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This site was made possible by the contributions of others, including:

  • Christopher Berry

  • Dennis Blazey

  • George Bradford, Webmaster, AFV News

  • Kyle Doubleday

  • Doug Drabik

  • Alex Drukarov

  • Bob Fleming, Collector

  • Ian Howes

  • Karen Gasser, Director, American Armoured Foundation

  • Thomas Hartwig, Webmaster, Thomas' Homepage

  • David Honner, Webmaster, Guns vs. Armor 1939 to 1945

  • Mike Kendal, Webmaster, AFV Interiors

  • Nicolas LeLoup, Curator, Musée Août 1944

  • Esa Muikku, Chief of the Armour Section of the Transport Materiel Division, Finnish Defence Forces Materiel Command

  • Torben Nielsen, Author, Panzer Pictures

  • Mathew Palm

  • Neil Rennoldson

  • Rudi Schoeters, Collector

  • Detlev Terlisten, Author

  • Michel van Best

  • Petr Vanik

  • Vong, Webmaster, One35th

  • Geoff Walden

  • Dave Watson

Of course, this is only a partial list -- I couldn't possibly list everyone that has helped. I've received countless suggestions, translations, and bits of information from the folks that frequent the various message boards. These message boards include, among others, George Bradford's AFVBoard, the message board of George Parada's Achtung Panzer, and Jason Pipe's German Armed Forces in WWII Online Message Forum.